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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   July 23rd 2008, 10:39 am

Welcome to the Forums! Please read the rules which are written below:

*No Spamming*
Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. If doing so, users will be banned.

*No Advertising*
You are not aloud to advertise a site, it can only be done in the avatar or signature.

*No Multiple Accounts*
Registering more than 1 accounts is against the rules. If some one has more then two accounts, they will get banned after caught.

*No Inappropriate Talk*
This means, no bad words or anything bad going on in the forum.

*No Bumping*
Posting in old threads might get you an infraction

If any of the rules is broken, you will get an infraction which will be sent to you as a PM.

*No hack talk*
Hacking is illegal, so it should not be talked about on this forum.

*No going off topic*
Try your best to stay on topic.

*No Being Rude*
Never be rude to users as well as the staff. That means no swearing or flaming etc.

*No Backseat Moderating*
Don't act like a Moderator and tell people what to do like saying "Please don't Spam"

*Age Limit*
You must be atleast 7 to join Club Penguin Kingdom.

*Common Sense*
If you use your common sense, you'll be fine Wink

The Infractions:
Here is a list of infractions that you get. In total, you have 5 infractions, if all five are done, you will be banned forever.

1 Infraction - Warning
2 Infractions - Second Warning or One Day Ban
3 Infractions - 3 Days Ban
4 Infractions - 1 or 2 Week Ban
5 Infractions - PermaBan [Banned forever]

Try your best!

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Forum Rules
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